| FAQs for Sandy Burr Photography: Events

I get lots of questions and hope to answer many of them here.

What does "lifestyle photography"mean?

​Lifestyle photography means that I try to portray you and your family in a natural way. Think of it as a combination of photojournalism and fine art portraiture. I don't work in a studio, I want to capture you in an environmental setting, your home, local park or location that is special to you. I prefer to work with natural light but usually bring lighting just in case. My images tend to be a little more casual but still artistic and my aim is to capture the personality of your children, family or special event. 


Family, Children and Newborn Photography

What to wear?

I usually recommend solid colors or muted patterns. You don't have to be matchy-matchy but it might help you to lay out the clothes you're thinking about and see if any clash or stand out to a distracting amount. You want them to coordinate. Take a photo and send it to me if you're unsure. It's my job to help you find a good fit. It's best to stay away from bright patterns and really bold colors as they can be distracting. But above all, I want you to be comfortable and your family accurately portrayed. If your toddler insists on an Elmo shirt, so be it. That's who he is at this point and should be celebrated. And I bet we can figure out a way to get him into something else at some point.

Indoors or outside? 

When shooting outdoors, time of day matters. The sun in the middle of the day is not the most flattering so if you want an outdoor session early to mid-morning or later afternoon works best as we'll get warm, soft light. Indoors, the time of day is not as critical as we'll be using windows as our main light source. What we will need indoors is an area with fairly unobstructed windows so blinds and curtains open. Maybe we'll have to move a little furniture around.

Can extended family be included?

I am happy to include extended family in the session but please let me know ahead of time. I will schedule images with grandparents, aunts and uncles towards the end of the session to be sure our primary images are done. And I also am happy to work with pets. I've met some of the nicest dogs in my travels! 

Are there special requirements for newborn sessions?

Keep your house a bit warmer than usual when having a newborn session. These tiny ones will object vocally to getting cold as they can't regulate their body temps yet. Their skin tends to mottle as well. Make it comfortable for the baby.

How are my images delivered?

Your edited images (expect 70-80) will be uploaded to my web site and you will receive a link and password for your personal gallery. The majority will be in color and a few will be in black and white. These images will be in high resolution and are yours to do with what you please (one caveat is that you can not sell them for commercial use as the copyright remains mine). To download your images, select one and move your cursor to the upper left corner where there is a pull-down menu with options. I highly recommend that you print some of your images! Use a good photo printer at home or use mPix that partners with my site to professionally print them. I think you will find the prices extremely reasonable with a wide range of products that I have personally selected.

If you want help putting together a grouping or with the products offered, please do not hesitate to contact me!

Do you offer albums?

Yes, I am an experienced album designer and can help with that. I use a selection of album providers in all price ranges. I will be happy to work with you on selecting images and a style.

Are my images used in a blog?

I do do a blog of some of my favorite photos from each session but instead of posting it on my social media I give you a link to the blog and let you share it with friends and family. I try to respect the privacy of my families.



What kinds of weddings do you shoot?

I specialize in small, intimate weddings, typically under 100 people. My brides tend to be older and perhaps it is a second wedding. I find that older brides seem more comfortable with an older photographer as well. It is my job to make sure that this aspect of your day is stress-free.

Do you do pre-wedding consultations?

Absolutely! It is important to me that I understand all your expectations and that you are confident that I can do for you what you need. Also, meeting ahead of time makes us all that more comfortable on your day.

Why do you charge by the hour instead of in packages?

I find that my couples have different needs that most brides. They are likely to want less of the day covered and I wanted them to have the flexibility to structure my time to their needs. There is, however, a three-hour minimum. 

What will you cover?

Everything that I would cover at a large wedding! Whatever you want covered, will be. Details of your flowers and tables, the ceremony, family groupings. Your preparations, rings, toasts, the reception. Having something unusual? Wonderful! 

Do you do elopements?

Yes! If you're coming to Music City to get married I have a special package for elopements. 


Still have questions? Please feel free to contact me!